HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) - evergreen

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) - evergreen                                                  

         Palace Purple/Blackout          Space 12”, May-July, white flowers w/purple leaves                 

         Mt. St. Helens                          Red flowers, 30-36”, June-July

         Ruby Veil                                  Slate grey mottled foliage w/various shades of purple &

                                                            ruby red foliage up to 8” across                                               

         Adriana                                     15-18” dark red flowers on stiff stems over marbled foliage

         Oakington Jewell                    Pink flowers over bronze marbled foliage, 24-30”, June-July   

         Mint Frost                                 Flowers are chartreuse with white, foliage is silver, var.,

                                                            24-36”, June-July

         Plum Pudding                          Plum purple color with silvery veining                                    

         Palace Passion                         Mahogany red foliage, rose flowers

         Bronze Beacon                         Bronze foliage, pinkish-red flowers, May-July