Weeping and upright, pink or white spring flowering, does not like a wet spot   

Canada Red Chokeberry  25’ x20’ Small tree, native, multi or single stem, leaves emerge green then change to maroon red late April or early May, 3-6” white flower racemes. 

Virginiana – Native, same as Canada Red except leaves remain green 25’ x 20’ 

Autumn Flowering Cherry  –  20’-30’ x 15’-25’ Semi-pink double flowers open a bit in the fall then fully open spring      

Kwanzan – Large, double pink flowers, reddish fall color, north or east with windbreak best 

Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry  –    6’-15’ x 12’ True dwarf, snow white, early spring flowers 

Higgan Weeping Cherry –    25’-30’ x 20’-25’ Graceful, weeping, native, double pink flowers