DIANTHUS                                     Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies                                      

         Alpinus                                     6-8”, very fragrant, blue green foliage, blooms June-frost        

         Bath’s Pink                              Soft pink fringed flowers, 6-8”

         Fragrant Lace                           Large fragrant pink lacy serrated edges, June-Aug., 10-14”

         Hoffman’s Red                         Deep red flowers, re-blooms in fall, May-June, 8-10”

         Robespierre                              Double salmon pink w/stripes and dots, 10-14”, June-July

         Spring Beauty                          16”, June-July, double flowering pink, rose, salmon and

                                                            white, spicy clove fragrance

         Tiny Rubies                              Rose pink, 4-5”, May-June

         Desmond                                        Double red flowers, silvery evergreen foliage

         Mountain Mist                         Single pink, fragrant flowers, blue green foliage

         Confetti Cherry Red               Candy apple red blossoms, 6”

         Firewitch                                   Magenta blossoms, silvery blue foliage, 7-8”