Partial Shade


Filifera – thread branch cypress, mounding habit, green or gold foliage, likes moisture 8’x4’ 

Golden Mop – dwarf form remains gold all year 3’-6’x3’-6’ 

Vintage Gold – fern like form of Golden Mops 3’-6’x3’-5’ 

Hinoki – slow growing, horizontal sprays of shiny green foliage, moist, well drained 6-8’x3’-4’


Nigra – broad pyramid, coarse texture 25’x10’

Techny – broad pyramid, dark green, coarse texture 15’x10’ 

Pyramid – narrow pyramid, feathery foliage 25’x5’ 

DeGroots Spire – fine texture, narrow column habit, slow growing 12-15’ x 3’-5’ 

Sunskist – broad pyramid, show growing, yellow color 12’x6’ 

Rheingold – unusual, orange-gold, round to pyramid 4’x4’ 

Woodward Globe – rounded, requires no pruning 4’x4’v

ANEMONE (Pasque Flower)

ANEMONE (Pasque Flower)      Space 10-12”, Sept.-Mid-Nov. 8-10”                                       

         Pulsatilla Rubra                      Violet,purple,red – spring

         Aeupenensis                             Pink, white - fall


Narrowleaf Blue Star 36”, blue flowers in spring, light shade, moist, gold fall color, attracts butterflies


ASTER                                               Space 15 – 18”, Aug. – Oct.                                                     X  

         New York Aster                        12 – 15”, Deep crimson red

         Purple Dome                            18”, deep purple, heavy bloom

         Rose Serenade                         12”, soft rose florets

         Woods Pink                              Clear pink

         Lady in Black                           36” black purple foliage, white flowers

ARTEMESIA: (Silver Mound)

Schmidtina (wormwood)         Space 12 – 15”, 8-10” – silvery foliage, deer resistant, fragrant

ARTEMESIA: (Silver Mound)

Schmidtina (wormwood) Space 12 – 15”, 8-10” – silvery foliage, deer resistant, fragrant

AQUILEGIA (Columbine)

AQUILEGIA (Columbine)                 Attracts hummingbirds                                                                    

         Dragonfly                                  18” bloom, mixture rose, blue yellow, white, pink, crimson

         Mckanna Giant Hybrids         Space 15-18”, 8-10’ tall, bloom May-June,

                                                            very compact, mixed colors

         Music (hybrid mixed)              15-18”, flowers large, full range of color,

                                                            blooms spring-early summer

         Grandmother’s Garden          24-34”, antique form rose flowers

         Salmon Rose                            Double, 18”


Concolor – white fir, native, pyramidal evergreen with blue green fleshy soft needles 2” long


Douglas O 

Native, soft bluegreen to green foliage, broad upright, attractive cones 40’-80’x 15’-20’


Mugho – can be kept low and mounded or grow naturally 2’-8’ x 6’-8’

White – native, soft blue green long needles, large and massive when mature, prefers good 

drainage 70’x80’ x 20’x35’



         Asteroides Nana                       Starflowers 18-24”, pinkish lilac flowers, late summer,            

                                                            More heat tolerant than Asters.


BERGENIA                             Attractive cabbage-like foliage.  Makes decorative

                                                            ground cover. April-May                                                         

         Perfect                                       12-15”, large purplish-burgundy leaves

                                                            Lilac-red flowers, excellent fall and winter foliage

         Winter Glow                            Red flowers, reblooming, excellent fall foliage

CAMPANULA (Bellflower)

CAMPANULA (Bellflower)                                                                                                       

         Superba                                     20” large clusters of rich violet, June-July

         Joan Elliott                               15-18” clusters of deep violet-blue, May-June



         Sheffield                                        Daisy-like salmon pink flowers, Sept.-Oct.

         Shasta Daisy – Alaska             Large single white, June-July, 20”

         Snowcap                                         12-15”, pure white, single flower

CHELONE (Pink Turtlehead)

CHELONE (Pink Turtlehead)          36” late summer dark green foliage, clusters of pink flowers, needs moisture

CENTRANTHUS (Jupiter’s Beard)

CENTRANTHUS (Jupiter’s Beard)  24 – 36” summer long flowering                                             

         Ruber     Carmine-red rose

COREOPSIS (Golden Daisy-Like Flower)

COREOPSIS (Golden Daisy-Like Flower)-attracts butterflies, deer resistant                  

         Rosea                                         8-10”, spreading thread-leaf form, rose-pink ¾”

                                                            flowers, summer blooming

         Tequila Sunrise                       14-16” olive green leaf, variegated with cream and

                                                            yellow, yellow-orange flowers, early summer

         Verticillata Moonbeam           18” creamy yellow flowers, summer blooming


CORYDALIS                                      9-12”, spring, foliage delicate fern-like, bright yellow flowers 

         China Blue                               12”, blue flowers                                                                     

         Sempervirens                           16”, pink, blooms all summer                                                  

CONVALLARIA (Lily of Valley)

CONVALLARIA (Lily of Valley)  

Majalis                 Spacing 8-12”, May-June, 6-8”, fragrant white


DELPHINIUM            Blue butterfly, deep blue, 14”, June      

Broadleaf Evergreens

Azalea – evergreen hybrids, acid soil, spring blossoms, holds leaves in the winter, some fall color, yellow to red, North or East with a windbreak 3’ x 3’ 

Cascade – white 

Boudoir – pink 

Hino Crimson – red 

Karens – lavender 

Deciduous – Exbury – large, flowering, nice fall color, acid soil, North or East with a windbreak 5’-6’ x 5’-6’ 




Boxwood – Canadian and Korean Wintergreen - hardiest of all boxwoods, can be sheared to any size 4’ x 3’

DICENTRA (Bleeding Heart)

DICENTRA (Bleeding Heart)   

         Luxuriant                                 PP#3324, space 15-18”, cherry red, May-June, 12-15”          

         Zestful                                       12-15”, everblooming pink flowers, April-frost,

                                                            tolerates more sun than most

         King of Hearts                          Sun and heat tolerate, 8-10”, blooms all summer, pink

Holly – Evergreen

Blue Princess – female, cross-pollinate with Prince for red holly berries in fall, acid soil

Blue Prince – male, glossy blue-green foliage, can shear to any size 8’-12’ x 8’ mature

Inkberry – dark green, glossy leaves, acid soil, blue berries in fall 3’x3’

ECHINACEA (Coneflower)

ECHINACEA (Coneflower)               Fragrant, attracts butterfiels                                                  

         Purpurea - Magnus                  Space 12-15”, July-Aug, 2-1/2 – 3’, purple

         White Swan                              White flowers

         Ruby Star                                  Purple, 36”

ECHINACEA (Coneflower)

ECHINACEA (Coneflower)              Fragrant, attracts butterfiels                                                  

         Purpurea - Magnus                  Space 12-15”, July-Aug, 2-1/2 – 3’, purple

         White Swan                              White flowers

         Ruby Star                                  Purple, 36”


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