Partial Shade

Corlus Contorta

8’ x 8’

Small specimen tree with interesting branches that are contorted, twisting and curling, great winter 

interest, beech-like leaves, small yellow catkins droop and add interest

MACLEAYA (Plume Poppy)

MACLEAYA (Plume Poppy)            6-8’, late summer, plume like cream flowers need ample room to grow

Pea Tree

6’ x 3’

Weeping and upright, yellow pea-like spring flowers, well adapted to drought and poor soil

LUPINUS (Luminus,Bluebonnet)

LUPINUS (Luminus,Bluebonnet)   Russet Hybrids, assorted colors, June-July, 30-36”                     

         Garden Gnome                       24” full color mix

Carolina Silverbell

18’-25’ x 15’-20’

Native, white bell-shaped flowers in May

MONARDA (Bee Balm)

MONARDA (Bee Balm)          Aromatic mint-like foliage, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

         Blue Stocking                          Whorls of violet-blue flowers, 24-36”, June-July                     

         Croftway Pink                          24-36” midsummer, rose pink

         Gardenview Scarlet                 Red flowers, 24-36”                                                                

Japanese Snowball

12’-18’ x 12’-18’

White, bell-shaped pendant flowers in June-July, nice, small ornamental



         Siskiyou (Evening Primrose) 6-8” pink summer flowers                                                       

         Missouriensis                           10” yellow flowers, June-Aug.                                                 

MYOSOTIS (Forget-Me-Not)

MYOSOTIS (Forget-Me-Not)  6-8”, May-June, dwarf compact, bushy plant with blue flowers


PAPAVER (Poppy)                           Bicolor, white ruffled blooms, scarlet edging                                  

         Queen Alexander                    Bright salmon pink, 4-5” across, 30” tall

         Royal Wedding                        White, 4-6” across, 30” tall

Japanese Maple Cultivars

5’-18’ x 5’-10’

Bloodgood-Lace Leaf – deep red or green leaves, weeping or upright, nice reddish fall color

Fruitless Weeping Mulberry

8’-15’ x 12’-15’

Chaparelle – vigorous growing small tree, cascading slender branches, umbrella-like

Katsura –upright or weeping

15’-40’ x 10’-40’

Small, heart-shaped leaves, yellow –scarlet fall color

PENSTEMON (Beardtongue)

PENSTEMON (Beardtongue)    Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, deer resistant

         Prairie Dusk                             Rose purple flowers, 20”, June-July                                         

         Strictus                                     Blue-violet flowers, 18”, summer

PHLOX (Garden Phlox)

PHLOX (Garden Phlox)                   Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies                                      

         The King                                   36”, July-Aug., deep purple                                                

         Crème de Menthe                    36”, July-Aug., pink flowers, green and white , vari. foliage     

         Becky Towne                            Variegated foliage, salmon-carmine rose w/dark magenta eye

PHLOX (Spreading)

PHLOX (Spreading)                        Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

         S. Red Wing                             L. crimson w/dark red centers, 4-6”, April-May                      

         Paniculata “Starfire”              L. red, July – Aug., 3”

         Blue Paradise                           Lavendar blue blossoms, white center, 3’ tall                                 


8’-25’ x 8’-25’

Cucumber Tree – native, spring greenish flowers, foliage thick and lustrous, shaggy bark, pink-red 

cucumber fruits in October 50’-80’ x 40’-60’ 

Ann/Betty – red-purple  flowers in May 8’-10’ x 6’-8’ 

Butterflies – yellow flowers 18’-20’ x 15’ 

Stellata/Royal Star – star magnolia, white flowers, early spring, multi-stemmed     15’ x 10’ 

Leonard Messel – pink and white, early, fragrant 20’-25’ x 25’ 

Soulangiana Alexandria/Galaxy – rose-purple saucer-shaped flowers 20’-25’ x 20’ 

Sweet Bay – native, fragrant, creamy white flowers, June-September, slender upright semi-

evergreen if protected


POLYGONATUM              Variegated Solomon’s Seal, 24”

POLEMONIUM (Jacob’s Ladder)

POLEMONIUM (Jacob’s Ladder)        

         Blue Pearl                                18-24”, May-June, Light blue flowers                                      

         Apricot Delight                        15-20”, apricot with tinge of lilac                                           

PYRETHRUM (Painted Daisy)

PYRETHRUM (Painted Daisy)     Lacy foliage, daisy-like flowers, blooms June-July, 18”             

         Robinsons Red and Mix     Pink, maroon, white                                                          

PULMONARIA (Lungword, Bethlehem Sage)

PULMONARIA (Lungword, Bethlehem Sage) Space 12”, partial to full shade                        

         British Sterling                       Shiny silvery white spots in middle, green border,                    

                                                            magenta flower buds, open blue, 12”

         Raspberry Splash                     Brilliant silvered leaves, raspberry pink flowers

         S. Mrs. Moon                            April-May, pink flowers turn blue, silvery spotted foliage, 12”

         Victorian Brooch                     Distinctive spotted foliage, magenta-coral flowers

         Trevi Fountain                          12” cobalt blue flowers, spotted foliage                                         

         Bertram Anderson                   Blue flowers, fuchsia buds, spotted leaves, 8-10”


40’ x 35’

Native, excellent woodsy tree, leave is interesting, great orange-red fall color

Beech – Weeping or upright

30’-40’ x 12’-30’

Green, purple or tricolor, slow growing, specimen tree, silver-grey bark, sturdy branch structure

SALVIA (Meadow Sage)

SALVIA (Meadow Sage)     

         MayNight                                  18”, deep purple, long flowering, summer                                

Maple – Autumn Blaze/Crimson King/Jade Glenn/Sugar/Red Sunset/ October Glory

45’x 35’

Summer to fall colors, great shade tree

Brandywine 25’ x 18’


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