Partial Shade

Sycamore – London/ Plane Tree/Bloodgood

50’ x 40’

Fast growing, likes moisture, craggy white bark



         Purple Parasols                        12-18” deep violet                                                                  

         Blue Danube                            12-18” deep blue                                 

                                                            Deer resistant, attracts butterflies

STACHYS: (Lambs Ear)

STACHYS:  (Lambs Ear)    

         Helen von Stein                       Soft woolly silver gray foliage.                                                

                                                            Takes heat.

TROLLIUS (Globe Flower)

TROLLIUS (Globe Flower)              30” summer                                                                             

         Golden Queen                         good for bog gardens                           

TIARELLA (Foamflower)

TIARELLA (Foamflower)               12” spring                                                                               

         Winterglow                              foliage turns gold with red flecks in winter, large white flowers

         Spring Symphony                    Dark pink-flecked leaves



         Erianthus Ravennae (Plume Grass)                                                      #1 Gal.                        

             Hardy Pampas Grass, 9-12’ Aug.-Sept. White silvery plumes              #2 Gal.                        


         Festuca ovina glauca Sea Urchin (Sheeps Fescue, Blue Fescue)          #1 Gal.                        

             Dwarf silver/blue low tufted grass 10” tall                                            #2 Gal.                        

             Elijah Blue                                                                                       #3 Gal.                        


         Miscanthus S. Purpurascens (Maiden Grass)                                      #1 Gal.                        

             (Flame Grass) turns reddish in summer.  3’                                          #2 Gal.                        

                                                                                                                        #3 Gal.                        

                                                                                                                        #4 Gal.                        


WILD FLOWERS:   Available bare root seasonally for naturalizing.                                

         Dogtooth Violet, White & Purple Trillium, Wild Iris, Pink Lady Slipper, Hepatica, Blood Root,

         Partridge Berry Clumps, Fox Glove, Foam Flower, Rattlesnake Orchid, Great Merry Bells,

         Green Dragon, Wild Ginger, Shooting Star, Dutchmen’s Britches, Purple & Green Jack in the Pulpit,

         Solomon’s Seal .  Ask for special quote per 100 only.

VERONICA “Sunny Border Blue”

VERONICA “Sunny Border Blue”       Violet blue spikes on 18-20” stems                                                                                               Blooms all summer, deer resistant, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies


50’ x 35’

Native, flowers resemble white orchids, fragrant, tolerance of tough conditions-heat and drought

Sour Gum – Black Tupelo

35’ x 20’

Native, slow growing, ok in poorly drained soils and occasional drought, red fall color

Crape Myrtle- Mimosa

Crape Myrtle- Mimosa   

          Pink flowers, ferny foliage

              Natchez, Centennial Red & Tuskegee 2-3’ potted                 

              (Semi-hardy – treat like an annual, blooms all summer)

Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern                                                                                              

             Blue and green silvery foliage w/ red stems

FERNS: Christmas, Royal, Wood Fern (cinnamon or madien)

FERNS: Christmas, Royal, Wood Fern (cinnamon or madien)   

1 quart                                                                                                         

1 gal.                                                                                                            

Paw Paw

15’-20’ x 10’-20’

Native, need several to cross-pollinate 

Indiana Banana – edible brown fruit, large droopy leaves, purple flowers

Althea/Rose of Sharon – Hibiscus hybrids

8’-10’ x 6’-8’

Medium to large flowers heavy in July and August, available in multi or single stem, purple, pink, 

white, almost any soil, wet areas are fine, nice for massing or a single specimen


3’-6’ x 3’-6’

Native, creamy white button-shaped flowers, mid-July, nice for naturalizing wet areas, thrives in 

wet, watery soil

Bottlebrush Buckeye

5’-12’ x 8’-15’

Native, white flower spikes in July are spectacular, very woodsy

Beautyberry – Early Amethyst

3’-4’ x 3’-4’

Showy purple berries, September-November, great accent plant

Calycantnus/Sweet Shrub

6’-9’ x 6’-9’

Native, aromatic stems and leaves, dark reddish brown fragrant May flowers, glossy foliage

Cranberry Cotoneaster

2’-3’ x 4’-6’

Dense, mounding habit with small glossy leaves, pink or white flowers late May, red berries late 

summer, red fall color

Dogwood/Red or Yellow Twig

6’-8’ x 6’

Shrub form, colorful stems in winter, red or yellow, looks beautiful with snow, white lacy spring 

flowers, bright red fall color, nice for massing, likes moisture, small berries for songbirds, also 

available in variegated forms

Deutzia gracilis

3’ x 3’

Low plant, slender arching branches, single white flowers late May

E Vonymus – Alatus Compacta/Dwarf Burning Bush

8’-10’ x 8’-10’

Compact growth, ideal for hedges or massing, brilliant red fall color, small orange berry

Pagoda – Alternifolia

15’-25’ x 20’-25’

Large native shrub or small tree, small white flowers and bluish black berries, leaves turn red in fall, 

flowers resemble the week “Queen Anne’s Lace”, not like regular dogwood, does not require acid 

soil, grows fast.

Fathergilla gardenia dwarf

3’ x 3’-4’

Scented 2”-3” bottlebrush-like flowers appear late April-May before leaves appear, fall colors of 

orange, red and yellow


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