Partial Shade



      Carlesi-Korean Spice – 3’-4’ x 3’-4’ – fragrant white flowers in April, pink buds

      Carlcepulum-Fragrant Snowball – 6’-8’ x 6’-8’ – fragrant flowers, fall color

      Cayuga-Hybrid Korean Spice – 3’-4’ x 3’-4’ – spicy fragrant flowers, red fall color, pink bud, white

      Leatherleaf – 10’-12’ x 10’-12’ - dark green leathery leaves, red fruits

      Dentatum-Arrowwood - 8’-12’ x 6’-10’ – native, great hedges, white flowers, raspberry fall color, blue berries

      O.Sterilis – 6’-8’ x 6’-8’ – old fashioned snowball

      Trilobum-American Cranberry Bush – 8’-12’ x 8’-12’ – native, white flowers May, red berries and red fall color

      Prunifolia-Blacknow – 12’-15’ x 8’-12’ – white flowers, red fall color


7’-8’ x 5’-6’

Lynwood Gold/Northern Sun – one of the first signs of spring, deep golden yellow flowers and 

lavender fall color, also available in dwarf forms (3’ x 4’-6’)

Nikko Blue

3’ x 3’

Blue flowers when soil is acidified



       10’-12’ x 12’-15’

      Native, fussy branches, bright red fruit in fall, excellent for naturalizing, massing waste areas, banks

All Summer Beauty/Endless Summer/Penny Mac

3’ x 3’

Blooms on old and new wood, large heads of pink or blue, needs acid soil


Spirea – very hardy flowering shrub                                   

      Gold Mound – 18”-24” x 2’-3’ – pink flowers June and July, golden yellow foliage, red fall color

      Gold Flame – 2’-3’ x 3’-4’ – gold leaves, orange tips, pink flowers, red fall color

      Magic Carpet – 18” x 2’ – red leaf tips on golden foliage with pink flowers, red fall color

      Alpina – 12” x 2’-3’ – soft pink flowers, very dwarf, compact, small leaves

      Little Princess – 18”-24” x 31” – compact, small leaves, pink flowers in summer

      Shirobana – 2’-3’ x 3’-4’ – pink, white and red flowers, nice fall color

      Nipponica-Snowmound – 3’-5’ x 4’-5’ – white flower in May, blue green foliage, lavender fall color

      Van Houttei – 5’-6’ x 6’-8’ – open graceful habit, white flowers in May

Pec Gee –tree or bush form

6’-8’ x 6’-8’

Large showy white flowers August-September, flowers dry well


4’-8’ x 4’-8’

Native, flowers June-August, large, oak-shaped leaves turn red in the fall, interesting bark


3’-5’ x 3’-5’

Huge white flowers June-September, selected from native species



         4’-6’ x 5’-7’ Nice lavender-purple flowers, red fall color, a true reliable dwarf

Ilex Verticillata-Winterberry/Winter gold/Sparkelberry/Winter Red

6’-8’ x 6’-8’

Native, bright red fruit, native to swampy places, excellent for mass effect

Spicebush benzoin

6’-8’ x 6’-8’

Native, yellow flowers in April, glossing red fruit in fall, likes moist woodsy location, foliage and 

twigs have a spicy fragrance when broken, nice for birds

Cut Leaf Buckthorn – Rhamus

Cut Leaf Buckthorn – Rhamus      

6’-8’ x 6’-8’Fern-like foliage, fine texture, nice to use for a small tree, light and airy



      2’-3’ x 3’-4’ One of the first signs of spring, flowers of orange, red, white or pink, bright red fall color, yellow fruits have a sweet, pungent aroma, good for jelly



                  12’-15’ x 4’-6’  Excellent for hedges, upright growth, fast growing, shears well, fragrant flowers

Dappled Willow – Hakuro Nishiki

Dappled Willow – Hakuro Nishiki      

   5’-8’ x 5’-8’Variegated pink and ivory leaves, shrub or top-grafted tree form, striking


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