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Taxus Yew


Browni – thick 10’x10’ 

Wardi – low 3’x6’

Densiformis – nice density 4’x8’


Capitata – pyramidal, shear to any size 15’-25’x6’-8’ 

Adams – layery, columnar 15’-18’x6’-8’ 

Hicksi – columnar, dark green 12’x6’

ASTILBE: (False Spirea)

ASTILBE:  (False Spirea)                 Space 15 – 18” – likes moisture                                             

         Bronze Elegance                      Deep pink-bronze foliage, 18”, late

         Bumwalda                                 White to light pink, crinkled foliage, 10-14”, mid

         Gloria Purpurea                      Lavender, 24-30”, mid

         Hennie Graffland                    Pink with bronze foliage, 10-12”, mid

         Hyancinth                                 Dark lavender, 24-30”, early to mid

         Montgomery                             Red, 24-30”, early

         Vision                                        Lavender-purple, 12-16”, late

         Snowdrift                                  White, 24”, early

         Fanal                                         Red, 20”

         Maggie Daly                             Red foliage – reddish purple flower, 18”                                  


Native, graceful, fern-like foliage, pyramidal, shears well 40’-70’x 25’-35’

GALIUM (Sweet Woodruff)

GALIUM (Sweet Woodruff)              Attracts butterflies

         Odoratum                                 Space 8-10”, May-June, 6” white flowers w/fragrant leaves     

                                                            (3” cell (24 per flat) each)                                                      

Oregon Grape Holly

Large glossy leaves, yellow flowers, blue fruit, north or east with wind break 3’-5’ x 3’-5’

HELLEBORUS (Lenten Rose)

HELLEBORUS (Lenten Rose)     18-24”, spring, evergreen foliage, green flowers                      

         Royal Heritage                         Variety of colors, evergreen foliage

                                                            Deer resistant

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells)(Cont’d) – evergreen

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells)(Cont’d) – evergreen               

         Pewter Moon                            Silvery gray foliage, marbled with pewter gray veins,

                                                            flowers ice pink

         Amber Waves                           8” amber gold foliage, rose colored flowers                              

         Amethyst Myst                         9”  burgundy shade, large leaves

         Caramel+Lemon Wave           10” caramel or yellow leaves                                                   

         Tiramisu                                   10” brick-red and yellow foliage

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) - evergreen

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) - evergreen                                                  

         Palace Purple/Blackout          Space 12”, May-July, white flowers w/purple leaves                 

         Mt. St. Helens                          Red flowers, 30-36”, June-July

         Ruby Veil                                  Slate grey mottled foliage w/various shades of purple &

                                                            ruby red foliage up to 8” across                                               

         Adriana                                     15-18” dark red flowers on stiff stems over marbled foliage

         Oakington Jewell                    Pink flowers over bronze marbled foliage, 24-30”, June-July   

         Mint Frost                                 Flowers are chartreuse with white, foliage is silver, var.,

                                                            24-36”, June-July

         Plum Pudding                          Plum purple color with silvery veining                                    

         Palace Passion                         Mahogany red foliage, rose flowers

         Bronze Beacon                         Bronze foliage, pinkish-red flowers, May-July                         


Native, purplish-pink spring flowers, heart shaped leaves, great for woodsy locations or naturalizing

Lavender Twist – a pendulous form-artistic branching 8’-10’ x 8’ 

Forest Pansy – reddish-purple foliage, rose-purple flowers in May, needs a sunnier spot for best foliage color


15’-20’ x 15’-18’

Native, pink, white or red spring flowers, red fall color and fruits, prefers acid soil, pink and red 

varieties, need a north or east location with a wind break, lovely small ornamental 

Kousa Dogwood – Chinese dogwood blooms 2 weeks after American cultivars, exfoliating bark, 

cherry-like fruits that taste like pomegranites, pink and white varieties available 

Pagoda Dogwood – large native shrub or small tree, grows in horizontal layers, white flowers 

resemble Queen Anne’s Lace blooms, not typical dogwood, berries are black, very hardy, does not 

require acid soil

PAEONIA (Garden Peony)

PAEONIA (Garden Peony)                Fragrant                                                                                         

         Duchess DeNemours               Double white opens with yellow center, very fragrant, 36-40”

         Kansas                                       Large non-fading bright red, 32-36”, mid.

         Mons. Jules Elie                       Extra large rose pink, 30-34”, early

         Karl Rosenfield                        Double, red, 34”, early to mid-summer

         Early Scout                               Single, early, cutleaf foliage, dark red

Cytisus Praecox (Moonlight Broom)

Cytisus Praecox (Moonlight Broom)                             

             Yellow flowers


3’-6’ x 3’-6’


Ruby Spice – dark pink

Hummingbird/Sixteen Candles – white, deep green foliage, spicy sweet fragrance, thrives in moist 

shade, blooms July-September

Wisteria – vine or tree form

Wisteria – vine or tree form                                     

      Blooms purple fragrant flowers May-June and intermittent during the summer

      Amethyst Falls – native, American Wisterias are slower growing and less invasive than Asian ones

Witchhazel – Hamamelis/Vernal/Virginiana

Witchhazel – Hamamelis/Vernal/Virginiana          

     10’-20’ x 8’-12’

      Native, pale yellow flowers fall, in February create late winter interest, great for naturalizing, ok for moist shady locations

      Arnolds Promise – large clear yellow, russet, fragrant

Hydranga Peteolaris

8’ – 12’ spread

Climbing hydrangea, attractive vine for shady spots, large white flowers late June, dark glossy 

foliage, brown peely bark, very interesting

Kerria Japonica

4’-5’ x 3’-5’

Single to double golden yellow to orange flowers in spring, bright green stems are interesting for 

winter effect

ITEA – Henry’s Garnet, Little Henry

2’-4’ x 3’-5’

Native, fragrant white flowers appear late June, red fall color, nice for massing or specimen



4’-5’ x 5’-6’ Arching branches, green glossy foliage, lavender fall color, fragrant white flowers

Weeping Pussy Willow

Weeping Pussy Willow      

5’-6’ x 5’-6’Small tree, nice weeping form

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