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AGASTACHE (Anise Hyssop)

Mid-late summer, blue violet flower, fragrant, 36” tall, fragrant-attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Upright Junipers

Canaert – dark green, informal branching 15’-20’x15’

Moonglow – silver blue foliage 20’x6’ 

Ketlerri – light green, conical wide shape 15’-20’x4’-6’

ALCEA (Hollyhock)


         Nigra                                         Single chocolate-red flower

         Powderpuffs                              Double flower mixture

         Chater’s Double                      Double flower mixture

                                                            Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

Spreading Junipers

Andorra – green foliage turns plum colored in winter 2’x6’

Blue Rug – silver blue 4”x6’

Blue Star – slow growing, silvery blue, mounded 2’x4’ 

Calgary Carpet – soft, lacy green 5’-10’x5’-6’ 

Gold Star-Gold Tip-Old Gold – gold colored evergreen 3’x6’ 

Saybrook Gold – bright gold 30”x4’-6’ 

Procumbens Nana – Japanese cr. garden juniper, light green, mounded 4’-6”x6’ 

Seagreen – mint green foliage, feathery 4’x4’-5’

Deciduous Conifers

Bald Cypress – native, pale green ferny foliage, turns red and drops needles in fall, likes wet soils.


Dawn Redwood – reddish brown bark 60’x30’

American Larch – native, short soft needs, turns yellow in the fall, tolerates moist soil 


Weeping Japanese Larch – soft bluish green foliage, turns gold in the fall.  Varied HxW

Cascade Falls – weeping bald cypress, selected from native species, beautiful fall color, orange, gold 

and bronze 8’-10’x8’-10’

BUDDLEIA (Butterfly Bush)

BUDDLEIA (Butterfly Bush)                                                                                                 

         Black Night                              Dark purple flowers, July-frost

         Harlequin                                 Spacing 5-6’, fragrant pink flower, attracts butterflies,

                                                            July-frost, 4-5’, prune early spring

         Nanho Blue                              Lavender blue, silvery foliage

         Nanho Purple                           Purple, silvery foliage

         Royal Red                                 Purple red, fragrant

         Pink Delight                             Pink flowers, 5-7’, late summer

         Attraction                                 Variegated foliage, pink

         Potters Purple                          Fragrant, deep purple

BRUNNERA (Alkanet)

BRUNNERA (Alkanet)  

         Macrophylla                             Space 12”, May-June, 12”, Blue                                              

         Langtree                                   Space 12”, silver variegated leaves, blue flowers, April-June                                               

         Variegata –Jack Frost             Leaves boldly variegated with creamy white, 1 gallon                        

         Hadspen Cream                       Creamy yellow margins, blue flowers

         Looking Glass                          Solid silver, blue flowers, green veins                                       


Alberta: Dwarf pyramid, slow growing, light green foliage 5’-10’ x 4’-5’ 

Bird Nest  (partial shade): Mounded, flat top, slow growing 3’x6’ 

Colorado Green: Native, green color 50’-60’ x 20’-25’

Colorado Blue: Selected for blue color, fast growing     50’-60’ x 20’-25’

Grafted Blue: Grafted for uniform blue color, many cultivars available, very slow growing 

Norway: Fast growing, upright, bright green foliage 60’-70’ x 30’


DENDRANTHEMA                                                                                           X

(Hardy Garden Mum)                       Deep gold daisy-like flowers                                                    

                                                            Pink and rose-red


DELOSPERMA (Ice Plant)           Pink flowers all summer, succulent foliage       


DIANTHUS                                     Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies                                      

         Alpinus                                     6-8”, very fragrant, blue green foliage, blooms June-frost        

         Bath’s Pink                              Soft pink fringed flowers, 6-8”

         Fragrant Lace                           Large fragrant pink lacy serrated edges, June-Aug., 10-14”

         Hoffman’s Red                         Deep red flowers, re-blooms in fall, May-June, 8-10”

         Robespierre                              Double salmon pink w/stripes and dots, 10-14”, June-July

         Spring Beauty                          16”, June-July, double flowering pink, rose, salmon and

                                                            white, spicy clove fragrance

         Tiny Rubies                              Rose pink, 4-5”, May-June

         Desmond                                        Double red flowers, silvery evergreen foliage

         Mountain Mist                         Single pink, fragrant flowers, blue green foliage

         Confetti Cherry Red               Candy apple red blossoms, 6”

         Firewitch                                   Magenta blossoms, silvery blue foliage, 7-8”


GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower)

GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower)        Attracts butterflies                                                                 

         Dazzler                                     June-Aug., yellow with maroon center, bushy plant, 16”         

         Goblin                                       12” red flowers with yellow margins

         Bijou                                         10” red with yellow tips


Weeping and upright, pink or white spring flowering, does not like a wet spot   

Canada Red Chokeberry  25’ x20’ Small tree, native, multi or single stem, leaves emerge green then change to maroon red late April or early May, 3-6” white flower racemes. 

Virginiana – Native, same as Canada Red except leaves remain green 25’ x 20’ 

Autumn Flowering Cherry  –  20’-30’ x 15’-25’ Semi-pink double flowers open a bit in the fall then fully open spring      

Kwanzan – Large, double pink flowers, reddish fall color, north or east with windbreak best 

Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry  –    6’-15’ x 12’ True dwarf, snow white, early spring flowers 

Higgan Weeping Cherry –    25’-30’ x 20’-25’ Graceful, weeping, native, double pink flowers


20’-30’ x 30’-40’

Native, white or pink flowering May to June, golden yellow fall color, excellent large ornamental or 

small shade tree

Smoke Tree

8’-10’ x 8’-10’

Bloom looks like puffs of smoke, very interesting small tree or multi-stemmed shrub, beautiful red fall foliage 

Royal Purple/Velvet Cloak – purple-red leaves all summer

Grace – leaves are light red when young then mature to a blue green, smoke blooms are pink

Hawthorn “Winter King”

26’ x 20’

Silvery bark, persistant red berries last into winter, beautiful against the snow, selected from native species

LAVENDULA (English Lav.)

LAVENDULA (English Lav.)         Spacing 15-18”, June – Sept.                                                    

         Munstead Strain                      12-18” rich lavender                                                                         

         Hidcote Superior                     Attracts butterflies

         Dwarf Blue

Flowering Crabs

4’-25’ x 6’-20’

Weeping and upright, dwarf and standard sizes available, flowers of red, pink, white in spring, fall 

berries of orange, red or yellow, very hardy versatile ornamental tree, many cultivars available, all 

disease tolerant

Dwarf – Sargent, Sargent Tina, Coral Burst

Standard – Indian Summer, Sugar Tyme, Royalty, Golden Raindrops 

Weeping – Red Jade, Candymint

LOBELIA (Cardinal Flower)

LOBELIA (Cardinal Flower)                                                                                  

         Queen Victoria                        Mahogany-red stems and foliage, scarlet flowers, 36”              

                                                            late summer, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, nice

                                                            for bog gardens

LIMONIUM (Statice)

LIMONIUM (Statice)                    Space 30”, June-Aug.                                                                X

         Latifolia                               18-20”, blue-violet                                                            

LYTHRUM (Purple Loosestrife)

LYTHRUM (Purple Loosestrife)      Space 18-24”, July-Sept.                                                          X

         Morden Gleam                        Can take a wet area, 36” tall                                                   

Japanese Tree Lilac-Ivory Silk

18’x20’ x 15’-18’

Creamy white, large flowers in June-July, blooms after all other lilac cultivars have finished, excellent, small ornamental tree, very showy

PAEONIA (Tree Peony)

PAEONIA (Tree Peony)             Deer resistant, attracts butterflies                                             

         Kinshi                                       Yellow

         Yagumo                                     Purple

         Shimanishiki                           Two-toned

         Hoki                                          Red

         Sahohime                                 White

         Hanakisoi                                 Pink


PEROVSKIA ATRIPLICIFOLIA          Fragrant, deer resistant                                                             

         Russian Sage                            Lavender blue flowers, late summer through early fall, 3’        

                                                            Little Spire 24”                                                                       

Ornamental Pear

25’-30’ x 15’-18’

Cleveland Select/Improved Bradford - white spring flower, red fall color, pyramid shape


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