Full Sun

Golden Chain Tree

18’-20’ x 10’-15’

Long racemes of rich, yellow flowers, tree has an upright vase shape

Golden Rain Tree

25’-30’ x 25’-30’

Bright yellow flowers in July, very showy

Persian Parrotia

30’ x 20’

Red flower stamins are showy, orange-red fall color

SCABIOSA: (Butterfly Blue)

SCABIOSA:  (Butterfly Blue)   

         Pin Cushion Flower                Blue flowers, May-frost,  12-15”                                             

                                                            Fragrant, attracts butterflies


RUBECKIA GOLDSTRUM          24” deep yellow daisy flowers – black cone                                    

         Black Eyed Susan                    Deer resistant 

Ash- Green/Autumn Applause/Autumn Purple/Rosehill

45’ x 35’

Yellow to purple fall color, dependable shade tree


SEDUM CAUTICOLM                      Blue green leaves, tinged with burgundy, 3-6’, Aug.-Sept.        

         Matrona                                    Deep gray foliage, shiny stems, pink flower heads, 20-30”, Aug.-Sept.

         Brilliant                                     Rose pink flowers, grey green leaves, 24'  Deer resistant, attracts butterflies


TEUCRIUM CHAMAEDRYS        12”  resembles dwarf boxwood, evergreen, late spring              

                                                            purple flowers, fragrant


60’-80’ x 35’

Native, state tree of Indiana, tulip-shaped leaves, greenish orange tulip shaped flowers late May, 

golden yellow full color, fast growing

Willow – Niobe/Golden/Corkscrew

50’ x 50’

Broadly spreading, weeping, likes wet spots


50’ x 35’

Native, edible, yellow-orange fruit after frost in October, woodsy

Kentucky Coffee Tree

50’ x 35’

Nice filtered shade, huge compound leaves, yellow fall color

Hardy Rubber Tree

40’ x 40’

Excellent shade tree, leathery glossy leaves, almost any soil, resists drought


40’ x 30’

Native, any soil type, moist, shallow rocky clay, small leaves tremble in the wind

Sweet Gum

50’ x 30’

Star-shaped foliage, corky bark, slow growing, brilliant maroon, reds, orange fall colors

Elm – Frontier/Accolade

40’ x 30’

New hybrids, disease resistant, good growth rate, Frontier has red fall color, Accolade has yellow fall color

Locust – Imperial/Sunburst/Royal Robe/Shademaster/Skyline

45’ x 35’

Fast growing shade tree, small, fern-like leaves

Linden – Green Spine/Legacy/Sterline

45’ x 35’

Fast growing, symmetrical, pyramid, good shade tree, flowers smell like lemon-lime

Gingko – Autumn Gold

45’ x 35’

Broadly pyramid, male clove, gold fall color, slow growing, fan shaped leaf

Oak – White, Red, Pin, Sawtooth, English

60’ x 50’

Good shade tree, provides acorns for forage, long lived

Apples (self fertile or self sterile)

SF September Wonder – early Fuji, white flesh 

SF Cortland – dark red, underlaid stripes 

SF McIntosh – red, mid-late, good for cooking or eating 

SS Honeycrisp – red over yellow, good for cooking or eating, mid-late, Red Delicious is a good pollinator

SF Winesap – red, good for cooking or eating fresh 

SF Candy Crisp – yellow with pink blush, large fruit, unique flavor 

SF Red Delicious – mid-late, red 

SF Yellow Delicious – mid-late, yellow 

SF Lodi – improved Early Transparent, early 

SF Early Transparent – ripens early July, good for sauce and pie 

SS Royal / Grand Gala – red strain, early, good for cooking or eating, Yellow Delicious is a good pollinator 

SF Gingergold – yellow with a pink blush, sweet-tart, large, juicy, firm and crisp 

SF Granny Smith – late, green, good to eat or cook 

SF Fuji – myra red, crisp, juicy, late, good to eat or cook

Sour Cherry

Does not like a wet spot

SF Montmorrency – mid-season, bright red, best in our area, no wet spots


SF Chinese Mormon – orange skin, red blush, blooms late 

SF Puget Gold – blooms early March, bears early August, good to dry

SF Tilton – golden yellow with red blush, mid to late June, eat fresh or can 

SF Gold Cot – orange flesh, gold skin, large, very winter hardy 

SF Harglow – yellow to orange skin, mid to late July 

SF Wilson – reddish skin, large fruit, mid July, good to eat, can or freeze


SF Fantasia – freestone, yellow with red blush, large fruit

Sweet Cherry

Does not like a wet spot 

SS Royal Anne – yellow with red blush, cross with Van or Stella

SS Van – mid, similar to Bing, black, sweet, cross with Anne or Stella 

SF Stella – mid, large, heart shaped, dark, sweek 

SF White Gold – red blush over yellow 

SF Black Gold – black, sweet, large fruit 

SF Emperor Francis – light red, sweet cherry, yellow inside, good fresh or canned


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