Full Sun


SF Polly – white peach with red blush 

SF Red Haven – early August 

SF Frost – freestone, large fruit, mid-August, yellow 

SF Belle of Georgia – white, large peach, good to eat or can 

SF Sensation Mini Peach – patio peach 

SF Carolina Bell – white flesh 

SF Elberta Lovell – freestone, large, favorite


35’-60’ x 20’-35’

Native, need several to cross-pollinate, edible yellow to orange fruit, ripens after frost in October, 

male or female but sometimes both sexes  are on the same tree, wood is used to make golf club 

heads or billiard cues

Red Plum – Semi-Dwarf

SF Santa Rosa – red, large fruit

SF Alderman – red, large fruit, nice fall color

Plum – European – Semi-Dwarf

SF Brooks – blue, large fruit

SF Stanley – blue, good to dry for prunes 

SF Green Gage – greenish yellow when ripe, sweet 

SF Empress – blue, late, large fruit 

SF Damson – blue, medium fruit

Pears – Semi-Dwarf

SS Red Anjou – late August-mid September, red pear 

SS Cascade – large, red blush, yellow pear, good keeper 

SS Moonglow – golden, mid-August, good keeper, fresh or canned 

SF Dutchess – large, yellow, white flesh 

SS Summer Crisp – red blush, harvest when green, early to end of season 

SS Red Bartlett – red, cross with Bartlett or Moonglow 

SF Seckle – sugar pear, self fertile

Plumcot – Semi-Dwarf – cross between apricot and plum

SS Spring Satin – purple outside, apricot colored inside, cross with a Japanese plug, suggest Santa Rosa

Flowering Almond

5’ x 3’-4’

Old fashioned double pink to single pink flowers, early spring

Barberry/Crimson Pygmy

2’ x 3’

Low growing, mounded habit, small yellow spring flowers, maroon red leaves all summer, bright red fall

Ampelopsis (Variegated Porcelain Vine)

Ampelopsis (Variegated Porcelain Vine)                                        

            Fast growing vine, grape shaped leave (green and white speckled). Fruits mature to porcelain blue color.  Full sun.

Caryopteris/Blue Mist/Gold Mist Spirea/Sunshine Blue/Dark Knight

3’ x 3’

Fragrant blue flowers in August-September, blue green to golden foliage


Weigelia – very hardy flowering shrub    

      Variegated – 4’-5’ x 4’-5’ – pink, ivory and yellow variegated leaves, pink flowers

     My Monet – 18” x 18” – pink and ivory variegated leaves, reddish-pink flowers

      Dark Horse/Fine Wine – 2’-4’ x 2’-4’ – burgundy foliage, pink flowers

      Wine and Roses – 4’-5’ x 4’-5’ – burgundy-purple foliage, hot pink flowers

      Midnight Wine – 18”-24” x 18”-24” – burgundy-purple foliage, dark pink flowers

Tamarix-Summer Glow-Pink Cascade

Tamarix-Summer Glow-Pink Cascade

     10’-15’ x 8’-10’

      Rosy pink flowers in summer on feathery silver-blue foliage, tolerant of poor soil


Lilac – syringa – May flowers                            

     8’-12’ x 6’-12’

      French – purple, white, pink, blue, large flowers, fragrant

      Persian – 6’-8’ x 5’-10’, mid-May, fragrant, lilac colored

      Hungarium – blooms 2 weeks after other lilacs, fragrant purple-red flowers

      Common – purple-purple flowers in May     

Ivory Silk/Japanese Tree Lilac

Ivory Silk/Japanese Tree Lilac         

   25’ x 15’-25’  Blooms June-July, large white flowers, fragrant

Hypericum/St. Johns Wort


Sunburst Hidcote – blue-green foliage, large bright yellow flowers in summer, tolerates heavy clay 

soil, drought-deer resistant



                2’-3’ x 3’-4’Blooms yellow or white flowers all summer, cut back hard every fall, blue-green fine foliage



        6’-8’ x 5’-6’White fragrant flowers in May, old fashioned shrub border

Privet-Golden Vicary/Chartruse Shrub

Privet-Golden Vicary/Chartruse Shrub       

    5’-6’ x 5’-6’ Gold leaves, fragrant white flowers, lavender fall color, very showy

Shrub Roses – Knockout

Shrub Roses – Knockout    

3’-4’ x 3’-4’Red, double red, pink, double pink, rainbow, yellow, fairy, very low maintenance, blooms all summer, very showy

Salix-French Pussy Willow

Salix-French Pussy Willow            

      12’-15’ x 10’-12’

      Soft grey catkins, large shrub or small tree, likes a moist area, great for bouquets


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