Upright Junipers

Canaert – dark green, informal branching 15’-20’x15’

Moonglow – silver blue foliage 20’x6’ 

Ketlerri – light green, conical wide shape 15’-20’x4’-6’


Filifera – thread branch cypress, mounding habit, green or gold foliage, likes moisture 8’x4’ 

Golden Mop – dwarf form remains gold all year 3’-6’x3’-6’ 

Vintage Gold – fern like form of Golden Mops 3’-6’x3’-5’ 

Hinoki – slow growing, horizontal sprays of shiny green foliage, moist, well drained 6-8’x3’-4’


Nigra – broad pyramid, coarse texture 25’x10’

Techny – broad pyramid, dark green, coarse texture 15’x10’ 

Pyramid – narrow pyramid, feathery foliage 25’x5’ 

DeGroots Spire – fine texture, narrow column habit, slow growing 12-15’ x 3’-5’ 

Sunskist – broad pyramid, show growing, yellow color 12’x6’ 

Rheingold – unusual, orange-gold, round to pyramid 4’x4’ 

Woodward Globe – rounded, requires no pruning 4’x4’v

Spreading Junipers

Andorra – green foliage turns plum colored in winter 2’x6’

Blue Rug – silver blue 4”x6’

Blue Star – slow growing, silvery blue, mounded 2’x4’ 

Calgary Carpet – soft, lacy green 5’-10’x5’-6’ 

Gold Star-Gold Tip-Old Gold – gold colored evergreen 3’x6’ 

Saybrook Gold – bright gold 30”x4’-6’ 

Procumbens Nana – Japanese cr. garden juniper, light green, mounded 4’-6”x6’ 

Seagreen – mint green foliage, feathery 4’x4’-5’

Taxus Yew


Browni – thick 10’x10’ 

Wardi – low 3’x6’

Densiformis – nice density 4’x8’


Capitata – pyramidal, shear to any size 15’-25’x6’-8’ 

Adams – layery, columnar 15’-18’x6’-8’ 

Hicksi – columnar, dark green 12’x6’


Concolor – white fir, native, pyramidal evergreen with blue green fleshy soft needles 2” long


Douglas O 

Native, soft bluegreen to green foliage, broad upright, attractive cones 40’-80’x 15’-20’

Deciduous Conifers

Bald Cypress – native, pale green ferny foliage, turns red and drops needles in fall, likes wet soils.


Dawn Redwood – reddish brown bark 60’x30’

American Larch – native, short soft needs, turns yellow in the fall, tolerates moist soil 


Weeping Japanese Larch – soft bluish green foliage, turns gold in the fall.  Varied HxW

Cascade Falls – weeping bald cypress, selected from native species, beautiful fall color, orange, gold 

and bronze 8’-10’x8’-10’


Mugho – can be kept low and mounded or grow naturally 2’-8’ x 6’-8’

White – native, soft blue green long needles, large and massive when mature, prefers good 

drainage 70’x80’ x 20’x35’


Native, graceful, fern-like foliage, pyramidal, shears well 40’-70’x 25’-35’


Alberta: Dwarf pyramid, slow growing, light green foliage 5’-10’ x 4’-5’ 

Bird Nest  (partial shade): Mounded, flat top, slow growing 3’x6’ 

Colorado Green: Native, green color 50’-60’ x 20’-25’

Colorado Blue: Selected for blue color, fast growing     50’-60’ x 20’-25’

Grafted Blue: Grafted for uniform blue color, many cultivars available, very slow growing 

Norway: Fast growing, upright, bright green foliage 60’-70’ x 30’

Broadleaf Evergreens

Azalea – evergreen hybrids, acid soil, spring blossoms, holds leaves in the winter, some fall color, yellow to red, North or East with a windbreak 3’ x 3’ 

Cascade – white 

Boudoir – pink 

Hino Crimson – red 

Karens – lavender 

Deciduous – Exbury – large, flowering, nice fall color, acid soil, North or East with a windbreak 5’-6’ x 5’-6’ 




Boxwood – Canadian and Korean Wintergreen - hardiest of all boxwoods, can be sheared to any size 4’ x 3’

Holly – Evergreen

Blue Princess – female, cross-pollinate with Prince for red holly berries in fall, acid soil

Blue Prince – male, glossy blue-green foliage, can shear to any size 8’-12’ x 8’ mature

Inkberry – dark green, glossy leaves, acid soil, blue berries in fall 3’x3’

Oregon Grape Holly

Large glossy leaves, yellow flowers, blue fruit, north or east with wind break 3’-5’ x 3’-5’

Holly – Deciduous

Winter Red – native, large bright red fruit, female, ok in wet soils 6’-9’ x 6’-8’ 

Sparkelberry – golden yellow fall color, red berries are persistent, multi-stem        8’-10’ x 6’-8’ 

Southern Gentleman – male to cross-pollinate above females for berries 6’-9’ x 6’-8’

Northern Bayberry

Native, glossy foliage, bayberry scented leaves, waxy blue berries 5’-12’ x 10’-12’

Mountain Laurel

Pink spring flowers, acid soil,  north or east with wind break 3’-6’ x 3’-6’


Fine thorn, orange to red fruit, white flowers 8’-12’ x 8’-10’


Weeping and upright, pink or white spring flowering, does not like a wet spot   

Canada Red Chokeberry  25’ x20’ Small tree, native, multi or single stem, leaves emerge green then change to maroon red late April or early May, 3-6” white flower racemes. 

Virginiana – Native, same as Canada Red except leaves remain green 25’ x 20’ 

Autumn Flowering Cherry  –  20’-30’ x 15’-25’ Semi-pink double flowers open a bit in the fall then fully open spring      

Kwanzan – Large, double pink flowers, reddish fall color, north or east with windbreak best 

Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry  –    6’-15’ x 12’ True dwarf, snow white, early spring flowers 

Higgan Weeping Cherry –    25’-30’ x 20’-25’ Graceful, weeping, native, double pink flowers


Roseum Elegans - lavender pink, acid soil, north or east with wind break 6’-8’ x 6’-8’

PJM – early, lavender pink 4’ x 4’


20’-30’ x 30’-40’

Native, white or pink flowering May to June, golden yellow fall color, excellent large ornamental or 

small shade tree


Purple Sandcherry – Cistena 7’ x 7’

Multi or single stem, maroon purple foliage summer, light pink spring flowers


Native, purplish-pink spring flowers, heart shaped leaves, great for woodsy locations or naturalizing

Lavender Twist – a pendulous form-artistic branching 8’-10’ x 8’ 

Forest Pansy – reddish-purple foliage, rose-purple flowers in May, needs a sunnier spot for best foliage color


Native, fast growing large ornamental tree, can be single stem but usually found in a clump or multi-stem form, exfoliating bark, adds winter interest. 

Heritage and Whitespike – white bark cultivars, resistant to bronze birch borer 

River – creamy cinnamon ivory bark, very vigorous

Royal Frost – purple leaf birch, white bark, yellow-orange fall color

Smoke Tree

8’-10’ x 8’-10’

Bloom looks like puffs of smoke, very interesting small tree or multi-stemmed shrub, beautiful red fall foliage 

Royal Purple/Velvet Cloak – purple-red leaves all summer

Grace – leaves are light red when young then mature to a blue green, smoke blooms are pink

Hawthorn “Winter King”

26’ x 20’

Silvery bark, persistant red berries last into winter, beautiful against the snow, selected from native species


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