50’ x 35’

Native, flowers resemble white orchids, fragrant, tolerance of tough conditions-heat and drought

Kentucky Coffee Tree

50’ x 35’

Nice filtered shade, huge compound leaves, yellow fall color

Hardy Rubber Tree

40’ x 40’

Excellent shade tree, leathery glossy leaves, almost any soil, resists drought


40’ x 30’

Native, any soil type, moist, shallow rocky clay, small leaves tremble in the wind

Sweet Gum

50’ x 30’

Star-shaped foliage, corky bark, slow growing, brilliant maroon, reds, orange fall colors

Elm – Frontier/Accolade

40’ x 30’

New hybrids, disease resistant, good growth rate, Frontier has red fall color, Accolade has yellow fall color

Locust – Imperial/Sunburst/Royal Robe/Shademaster/Skyline

45’ x 35’

Fast growing shade tree, small, fern-like leaves

Linden – Green Spine/Legacy/Sterline

45’ x 35’

Fast growing, symmetrical, pyramid, good shade tree, flowers smell like lemon-lime

Sour Gum – Black Tupelo

35’ x 20’

Native, slow growing, ok in poorly drained soils and occasional drought, red fall color

Gingko – Autumn Gold

45’ x 35’

Broadly pyramid, male clove, gold fall color, slow growing, fan shaped leaf

Oak – White, Red, Pin, Sawtooth, English

60’ x 50’

Good shade tree, provides acorns for forage, long lived

Apples (self fertile or self sterile)

SF September Wonder – early Fuji, white flesh 

SF Cortland – dark red, underlaid stripes 

SF McIntosh – red, mid-late, good for cooking or eating 

SS Honeycrisp – red over yellow, good for cooking or eating, mid-late, Red Delicious is a good pollinator

SF Winesap – red, good for cooking or eating fresh 

SF Candy Crisp – yellow with pink blush, large fruit, unique flavor 

SF Red Delicious – mid-late, red 

SF Yellow Delicious – mid-late, yellow 

SF Lodi – improved Early Transparent, early 

SF Early Transparent – ripens early July, good for sauce and pie 

SS Royal / Grand Gala – red strain, early, good for cooking or eating, Yellow Delicious is a good pollinator 

SF Gingergold – yellow with a pink blush, sweet-tart, large, juicy, firm and crisp 

SF Granny Smith – late, green, good to eat or cook 

SF Fuji – myra red, crisp, juicy, late, good to eat or cook

Sour Cherry

Does not like a wet spot

SF Montmorrency – mid-season, bright red, best in our area, no wet spots


SF Chinese Mormon – orange skin, red blush, blooms late 

SF Puget Gold – blooms early March, bears early August, good to dry

SF Tilton – golden yellow with red blush, mid to late June, eat fresh or can 

SF Gold Cot – orange flesh, gold skin, large, very winter hardy 

SF Harglow – yellow to orange skin, mid to late July 

SF Wilson – reddish skin, large fruit, mid July, good to eat, can or freeze


SF Fantasia – freestone, yellow with red blush, large fruit

Sweet Cherry

Does not like a wet spot 

SS Royal Anne – yellow with red blush, cross with Van or Stella

SS Van – mid, similar to Bing, black, sweet, cross with Anne or Stella 

SF Stella – mid, large, heart shaped, dark, sweek 

SF White Gold – red blush over yellow 

SF Black Gold – black, sweet, large fruit 

SF Emperor Francis – light red, sweet cherry, yellow inside, good fresh or canned


SF Polly – white peach with red blush 

SF Red Haven – early August 

SF Frost – freestone, large fruit, mid-August, yellow 

SF Belle of Georgia – white, large peach, good to eat or can 

SF Sensation Mini Peach – patio peach 

SF Carolina Bell – white flesh 

SF Elberta Lovell – freestone, large, favorite


35’-60’ x 20’-35’

Native, need several to cross-pollinate, edible yellow to orange fruit, ripens after frost in October, 

male or female but sometimes both sexes  are on the same tree, wood is used to make golf club 

heads or billiard cues

Paw Paw

15’-20’ x 10’-20’

Native, need several to cross-pollinate 

Indiana Banana – edible brown fruit, large droopy leaves, purple flowers

Red Plum – Semi-Dwarf

SF Santa Rosa – red, large fruit

SF Alderman – red, large fruit, nice fall color

Plum – European – Semi-Dwarf

SF Brooks – blue, large fruit

SF Stanley – blue, good to dry for prunes 

SF Green Gage – greenish yellow when ripe, sweet 

SF Empress – blue, late, large fruit 

SF Damson – blue, medium fruit

Pears – Semi-Dwarf

SS Red Anjou – late August-mid September, red pear 

SS Cascade – large, red blush, yellow pear, good keeper 

SS Moonglow – golden, mid-August, good keeper, fresh or canned 

SF Dutchess – large, yellow, white flesh 

SS Summer Crisp – red blush, harvest when green, early to end of season 

SS Red Bartlett – red, cross with Bartlett or Moonglow 

SF Seckle – sugar pear, self fertile

Fruit Plants also available

Blueberry – several cultivars to cross pollinate 







Grape Vines 

Nut Trees – Pecan, Filbert, Walnut, Butternut, Chinese Chestnut

Plumcot – Semi-Dwarf – cross between apricot and plum

SS Spring Satin – purple outside, apricot colored inside, cross with a Japanese plug, suggest Santa Rosa

Flowering Almond

5’ x 3’-4’

Old fashioned double pink to single pink flowers, early spring


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