Althea/Rose of Sharon – Hibiscus hybrids

8’-10’ x 6’-8’

Medium to large flowers heavy in July and August, available in multi or single stem, purple, pink, 

white, almost any soil, wet areas are fine, nice for massing or a single specimen

Barberry/Crimson Pygmy

2’ x 3’

Low growing, mounded habit, small yellow spring flowers, maroon red leaves all summer, bright red fall


3’-6’ x 3’-6’

Native, creamy white button-shaped flowers, mid-July, nice for naturalizing wet areas, thrives in 

wet, watery soil

Caryopteris/Blue Mist/Gold Mist Spirea/Sunshine Blue/Dark Knight

3’ x 3’

Fragrant blue flowers in August-September, blue green to golden foliage

Bottlebrush Buckeye

5’-12’ x 8’-15’

Native, white flower spikes in July are spectacular, very woodsy


3’-6’ x 3’-6’


Ruby Spice – dark pink

Hummingbird/Sixteen Candles – white, deep green foliage, spicy sweet fragrance, thrives in moist 

shade, blooms July-September

Beautyberry – Early Amethyst

3’-4’ x 3’-4’

Showy purple berries, September-November, great accent plant

Calycantnus/Sweet Shrub

6’-9’ x 6’-9’

Native, aromatic stems and leaves, dark reddish brown fragrant May flowers, glossy foliage

Cranberry Cotoneaster

2’-3’ x 4’-6’

Dense, mounding habit with small glossy leaves, pink or white flowers late May, red berries late 

summer, red fall color

Dogwood/Red or Yellow Twig

6’-8’ x 6’

Shrub form, colorful stems in winter, red or yellow, looks beautiful with snow, white lacy spring 

flowers, bright red fall color, nice for massing, likes moisture, small berries for songbirds, also 

available in variegated forms

Wisteria – vine or tree form

Wisteria – vine or tree form                                     

      Blooms purple fragrant flowers May-June and intermittent during the summer

      Amethyst Falls – native, American Wisterias are slower growing and less invasive than Asian ones

Deutzia gracilis

3’ x 3’

Low plant, slender arching branches, single white flowers late May


Weigelia – very hardy flowering shrub    

      Variegated – 4’-5’ x 4’-5’ – pink, ivory and yellow variegated leaves, pink flowers

     My Monet – 18” x 18” – pink and ivory variegated leaves, reddish-pink flowers

      Dark Horse/Fine Wine – 2’-4’ x 2’-4’ – burgundy foliage, pink flowers

      Wine and Roses – 4’-5’ x 4’-5’ – burgundy-purple foliage, hot pink flowers

      Midnight Wine – 18”-24” x 18”-24” – burgundy-purple foliage, dark pink flowers

E Vonymus – Alatus Compacta/Dwarf Burning Bush

8’-10’ x 8’-10’

Compact growth, ideal for hedges or massing, brilliant red fall color, small orange berry

Pagoda – Alternifolia

15’-25’ x 20’-25’

Large native shrub or small tree, small white flowers and bluish black berries, leaves turn red in fall, 

flowers resemble the week “Queen Anne’s Lace”, not like regular dogwood, does not require acid 

soil, grows fast.

Witchhazel – Hamamelis/Vernal/Virginiana

Witchhazel – Hamamelis/Vernal/Virginiana          

     10’-20’ x 8’-12’

      Native, pale yellow flowers fall, in February create late winter interest, great for naturalizing, ok for moist shady locations

      Arnolds Promise – large clear yellow, russet, fragrant

Fathergilla gardenia dwarf

3’ x 3’-4’

Scented 2”-3” bottlebrush-like flowers appear late April-May before leaves appear, fall colors of 

orange, red and yellow



      Carlesi-Korean Spice – 3’-4’ x 3’-4’ – fragrant white flowers in April, pink buds

      Carlcepulum-Fragrant Snowball – 6’-8’ x 6’-8’ – fragrant flowers, fall color

      Cayuga-Hybrid Korean Spice – 3’-4’ x 3’-4’ – spicy fragrant flowers, red fall color, pink bud, white

      Leatherleaf – 10’-12’ x 10’-12’ - dark green leathery leaves, red fruits

      Dentatum-Arrowwood - 8’-12’ x 6’-10’ – native, great hedges, white flowers, raspberry fall color, blue berries

      O.Sterilis – 6’-8’ x 6’-8’ – old fashioned snowball

      Trilobum-American Cranberry Bush – 8’-12’ x 8’-12’ – native, white flowers May, red berries and red fall color

      Prunifolia-Blacknow – 12’-15’ x 8’-12’ – white flowers, red fall color


7’-8’ x 5’-6’

Lynwood Gold/Northern Sun – one of the first signs of spring, deep golden yellow flowers and 

lavender fall color, also available in dwarf forms (3’ x 4’-6’)

Nikko Blue

3’ x 3’

Blue flowers when soil is acidified



       10’-12’ x 12’-15’

      Native, fussy branches, bright red fruit in fall, excellent for naturalizing, massing waste areas, banks

Hydranga Peteolaris

8’ – 12’ spread

Climbing hydrangea, attractive vine for shady spots, large white flowers late June, dark glossy 

foliage, brown peely bark, very interesting

Tamarix-Summer Glow-Pink Cascade

Tamarix-Summer Glow-Pink Cascade

     10’-15’ x 8’-10’

      Rosy pink flowers in summer on feathery silver-blue foliage, tolerant of poor soil


Lilac – syringa – May flowers                            

     8’-12’ x 6’-12’

      French – purple, white, pink, blue, large flowers, fragrant

      Persian – 6’-8’ x 5’-10’, mid-May, fragrant, lilac colored

      Hungarium – blooms 2 weeks after other lilacs, fragrant purple-red flowers

      Common – purple-purple flowers in May     

All Summer Beauty/Endless Summer/Penny Mac

3’ x 3’

Blooms on old and new wood, large heads of pink or blue, needs acid soil


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