DICENTRA (Bleeding Heart)

DICENTRA (Bleeding Heart)   

         Luxuriant                                 PP#3324, space 15-18”, cherry red, May-June, 12-15”          

         Zestful                                       12-15”, everblooming pink flowers, April-frost,

                                                            tolerates more sun than most

         King of Hearts                          Sun and heat tolerate, 8-10”, blooms all summer, pink


DIANTHUS                                     Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies                                      

         Alpinus                                     6-8”, very fragrant, blue green foliage, blooms June-frost        

         Bath’s Pink                              Soft pink fringed flowers, 6-8”

         Fragrant Lace                           Large fragrant pink lacy serrated edges, June-Aug., 10-14”

         Hoffman’s Red                         Deep red flowers, re-blooms in fall, May-June, 8-10”

         Robespierre                              Double salmon pink w/stripes and dots, 10-14”, June-July

         Spring Beauty                          16”, June-July, double flowering pink, rose, salmon and

                                                            white, spicy clove fragrance

         Tiny Rubies                              Rose pink, 4-5”, May-June

         Desmond                                        Double red flowers, silvery evergreen foliage

         Mountain Mist                         Single pink, fragrant flowers, blue green foliage

         Confetti Cherry Red               Candy apple red blossoms, 6”

         Firewitch                                   Magenta blossoms, silvery blue foliage, 7-8”


ECHINACEA (Coneflower)

ECHINACEA (Coneflower)               Fragrant, attracts butterfiels                                                  

         Purpurea - Magnus                  Space 12-15”, July-Aug, 2-1/2 – 3’, purple

         White Swan                              White flowers

         Ruby Star                                  Purple, 36”

ECHINACEA (Coneflower)

ECHINACEA (Coneflower)              Fragrant, attracts butterfiels                                                  

         Purpurea - Magnus                  Space 12-15”, July-Aug, 2-1/2 – 3’, purple

         White Swan                              White flowers

         Ruby Star                                  Purple, 36”



         Little Leo                                  12-15”, spring, yellow, semi-double bloom

DIGITALIS (Foxglove)




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DIGITALIS (Foxglove)   

         Mertonensis                             Color of crushed strawberries, 36”                                           

                                                            Attracts hummingbirds

         Mertonensis                             Color of crushed strawberries, 36”                                           

                                                            Attracts hummingbirds

GALIUM (Sweet Woodruff)

GALIUM (Sweet Woodruff)              Attracts butterflies

         Odoratum                                 Space 8-10”, May-June, 6” white flowers w/fragrant leaves     

                                                            (3” cell (24 per flat) each)                                                      

GERANIUM (Cranebill)

GERANIUM (Cranebill)                     Attracts butterflies                                                                  

         Alpenglow                                 12-18”, rose-red flowers, dark green foliage, spring

         Bevans Variety                         Magenta flowers, scented foliage, 8-12”, July

         Himalyense                              Violet blue flowers, red pink center, burgundy veins.

                                                            Nice orange fall color, 10-15”, June-July

         Johnson Blue                           Violet blue, 12-24”, May-July

         Karmina                                       Raspberry red flowers, 12-18”, May-July

         Max Frei                                      Magenta purple, 8-12”, June-Sept.

         New Hampshire Purple              Purple red, 10-12”, June-Sept.

         Patricia                                     Pink-magenta flowers with black center, 2-3’

         Philippe Vapelle                      15” purplish blue 1” flowers, blue gray foliage, spring

         Victor Reiter, Jr.                      Dark blue flowers, purplish green foliage’

         Brookside                                 Sapphire blue flowers, lacy green foliage, 20-24”

GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower)

GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower)        Attracts butterflies                                                                 

         Dazzler                                     June-Aug., yellow with maroon center, bushy plant, 16”         

         Goblin                                       12” red flowers with yellow margins

         Bijou                                         10” red with yellow tips


HEMEROCALLIS (Day Lilly) – attracts hummingbirds   


         Mini Stella                                  Smaller rounder blossoms that Stella, just as everblooming      

                                                            12-14”, 2”

         Siloam Nuggett                            Ruffled and creped gold, 5”, 20-24”, mid-rebloom

         Stella de Oro                               June-frost, dwarf, 8-12”                                                          

         Brutus                                         6-7” yellow, mid-late, 24-28”

         Dewey Fresh                               Lemon yellow, slightly ruffled, 5”, late-mid, 32-36”               

         Golden Prize                               Golden yellow, TET7”, flat white gold self, excellent

                                                            foliage, very heat tolerant, 26” late

         Happy Returns                            16”, canary yellow, continuous bloomer                                              

          Demetrius                                   Light yellow with darker yellow ruffled edge

                                                            6”, 22-24”, midseason

         Black Eyed Susan                        Butter yellow, red-purple throat, 26”                                      

         Blonde is Beautiful                      Yellow-gold, 28”

         Marci                                          Light-yellow, heavily ruffled, 25”                                           

         Lightening Bug                            Pure gold, back-purple throat, 16”

         Prairie Moonlight                       Lemon yellow, green throat, very fragrant, 34”                      

         Exotic Love                                Golden yellow, maroon eye, 30”

       Creative Art                                Large light yellow blossom, 16”                                              

         Love Those Eyes                        Golden yellow, bright red eye, yellow throat, 24”

HELLEBORUS (Lenten Rose)

HELLEBORUS (Lenten Rose)     18-24”, spring, evergreen foliage, green flowers                      

         Royal Heritage                         Variety of colors, evergreen foliage

                                                            Deer resistant



         Olive B. Langdon                     5”, purple, many awards, 26-30”, early-mid                                  

         Purple Waters                          4-1/2”, maroon purple, 36-48”, mid

         Chicago Arnies Choice           TET 6”, deep lavender self w/plum halo, chartruse throat,      

                                                            mid-season, 26”

         Chicago Pansy                         6” purple blend, 26-28”, mid

         Prairie Blue Eyes                     5” lavender-purple, 26-28”, mid                                              

         Chicago Royal Robe                6” plum purple, 26-30”, mid-late

         Little Graphette                       Purple w/dark purple eyezone, 2”, early                                        

         Raspberry Pixie                       EXT 2”, fragrant raspberry blend, mid-season, 12”

         Gordon Bigges                         24-26” raspberry red                                                               

         Catherine Neal                        Deep purple, green throat, 30”

         Lavender Blush                        Orchid blend, green throat, 25”                                               

         Siloam Plum Tree                    Deep purple, green throat, 24”

         Siloam Tiny Tim                      Blue lavender, 14”                                                                   

         Strutters Ball                           6” black purple, 28”

         Always Afternoon                    22” dusky rose, plum purple eye, crimped petals

         North Port                                 Orchid pink self, dark violet eye, lime green throat,ruffled edges   


HEMEROCALLIS (Day Lilly) (Cont’d.)       


         Patricia Fay                              Rose self with yellow green throat, 36”, mid                                 

         Satin Glass                               5”, pale pink, yellow throat, 22-26”, mid  

         Sirocco                                      5”, early-mid, 26-28”, salmon pink                                         

         Halls Pink                                5”, light, low-growing, pink, 20”, late

         Summer Splendour                 Apricot with pink midrib, 5”, 28-34”, mid.                                   

         Better Believe It                      Medium pink with bright rose-red eyezone and light

                                                            raised midribs, 24”, mid., 7”

         Russian Rhapsody                   Violet-purple to purple to a yellow throat, 6”, 26-32”, mid-late    

         Chicago Heather                     Lavender with a cream to green throat, 6”, 26-30”, mid.

         Fushia Dream                           Very large fushia-purple with a cream throat, fragrant,            

                                                            7-1/2” 26-30”, early-mid

         Bama Music                              Pale pink self with yellow throat, 5”, mid

         Fran Dean                                 Pink with large violet eyezone, 6-1/2”, 18-24”, mid-late        

         Siloam Rainbow Magic           Apricot cream, 22”, M-EXT 5”

         May Colvin                               29”, rose pink                                                                         

         Strawberry Candy                   26”, pink

         Daring Deception                     Dusty cream-pink, purple throat, ruffled, 24”                               

         Mardi Gras Parade                  Rose-lavender, dbl wine eye, green throat, lightly ruffled, 25”

         Siloam Double Classic            Double rich pink, highly fragrant, 18”                                     

         Beryl Quinn                             Dusty-rose, lavender eye, 24”

         Lady Friend                              Rose pink, fragrant, 24”                                                          

         Pink Embers                             Salmon pink, tangerine throat, 19”

         Siloam Rainbow Magic           Apricot-cream, 22”                                                                 

         Space Wars                               Peach-cream, red edging, red eye, 28”

         Svengali                                         6.5” salmon pink, purple eye zone, 30”                                         

         Barbara Mitchell                     20”, soft pink, celery-green throat, ruffled petals

         Dragon’s Eye                            24”, rose pink, rose red eye                                                     

         Vera Biaglow                            28” rose pink, yellow green throat, pie crust edging


ORANGE SHADES                      

         Alabama Jubilee                      30” red-orange, ruffled petals

         Capricorn Fiesta                      36” honey apricot, red eye, lime green throat

         South Seas                                Coral-tangerine, yellow throat, ruffled edges, 30”



         Ice Carnival                              6” near white w/green throat, mid, 28”                                    

         Siloam Ury Winniford            Crème w/black-purple eye, 4” EXT., mid, 26”

         Joan Senior                              Near white, green throat, 6”, 24-30”, early-mid                      

         Right On                                        Crème with red center

         Pandora’s Box                          24-26” crème/violet eyezone                                                  

         Irish Linen                               Nearly white, green throat, 26”

         Daylily Hybrids                        Assorted colors                                                                       

HEMEROCALLIS (Day Lilly) (Contd.)

HEMEROCALLIS (Day Lilly) (Contd.)    


         Apache                                      Scarlet red, 5” TET, mid, 27”                                                 

         Christmas Carol                      Crimson red w/green throat, 34”, mid

         Baja                                           TET, 6” red self w/green throat, 26”, early-mid                      

         Baltimore Oriole                     TET, 5” bright velvet, 22-25”, mid

         Jen Red                                     TET, deep bright red, 28-32”, mid                                          

         Red Volunteer                          TET, deep bright red, 28-32”, mid

         Little Zinger                             2-2/3” miniature red w/green throat, 20-24”, mid                    

         Summer Wine                         5” purple red, 20-24”, mid

         Screech Owl                             TET, 6” scarlet red w/creamy yellow edges, yellow blends       

                                                            into green at throat base, 33”, mid

         Anzac                                        Ext 7” red self w/light green-yellow throat, 28”, mid

         Gala Greetings                        Light cherry red w/green throat, 34”, mid., 5”                         

         Red Ribbons                             Red ribbon-like petals, 8”, 3-4’, mid

         Siloam Red Ruby                     Ruby red with green throat, 4”, 16-22”, mid                                  

         Ed Murray                                 30” velvety red-black

         Fire’s of Fuji                             28” double red, orange edge                                                     

         Cherry Cheeks                        Rose-pink, green-yellow throat, 28”

         Wide Wide World                   Rose-red, tangerine throat, 34”                                               

         Miracle Maid                            28”, lipstick red, chartreuse throat, pie crust ruffling

         James Marsh                            Scarlet red, lemon-lime throat, 28”                                         

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells)(Cont’d) – evergreen

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells)(Cont’d) – evergreen               

         Pewter Moon                            Silvery gray foliage, marbled with pewter gray veins,

                                                            flowers ice pink

         Amber Waves                           8” amber gold foliage, rose colored flowers                              

         Amethyst Myst                         9”  burgundy shade, large leaves

         Caramel+Lemon Wave           10” caramel or yellow leaves                                                   

         Tiramisu                                   10” brick-red and yellow foliage

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) - evergreen

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) - evergreen                                                  

         Palace Purple/Blackout          Space 12”, May-July, white flowers w/purple leaves                 

         Mt. St. Helens                          Red flowers, 30-36”, June-July

         Ruby Veil                                  Slate grey mottled foliage w/various shades of purple &

                                                            ruby red foliage up to 8” across                                               

         Adriana                                     15-18” dark red flowers on stiff stems over marbled foliage

         Oakington Jewell                    Pink flowers over bronze marbled foliage, 24-30”, June-July   

         Mint Frost                                 Flowers are chartreuse with white, foliage is silver, var.,

                                                            24-36”, June-July

         Plum Pudding                          Plum purple color with silvery veining                                    

         Palace Passion                         Mahogany red foliage, rose flowers

         Bronze Beacon                         Bronze foliage, pinkish-red flowers, May-July                         




         Abiqua Drinking Gourd                   18”, dark blue green, cupped form leaves, white flowers

         Love Pat                                             Med.-large very blue, cordate, cupped leaves, white flowers

         Krossa Regal                                     Blue-green, very large, shade to ¾ sun 

         Blue Giant(Seiboldiana Elegans)     Very large, blue-green puckered leaves, white flowers, shade to ½ sun

         Halcyon                                               Blue-green leaves, violet flowers, shade to full sun

         Hyacinthina                                        Med. Large, leaves have slight blue cast, shade to ¾ sun, early pale purple flowers

         Blue Cadet                                         Miniature blue, small, shade to ¾ sun

         Pearl Lake                                        Frosty blue heart-shaped leaves, lavender flowers, med.-small 

         Fragrant Blue                                  Very blue leaves, fragrant, white flowers    

         Aristocrat                                        Heart-shaped powder blue leaves, creamy yellow margin         

         Blue Umbrellas                              Bluish green

         Red October                                   Blue leaves, white underside, red covers full length of petioles 

HIBISCUS (Rose Mallow)

HIBISCUS (Rose Mallow)       Space 3’, July-frost, all attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

         Southern Belle                        10” across, 3-5’, mixed                                                           

         Hybrid Seedling                       10” across, 3-5’, mixed

         Turn of the Century                Unusual bi-colored petals from dark red to light pink with       

                                                            the appearance of a 5 veined pinwheel, 6-8’ blade

         Anna Arundel                          Large deep pink, 4-5’

         Lord Baltimore                        Large red, 10”, 4-5’                                                                

         Fantasia                                         3’ late summer, 8-9 lavender flowers, very ruffled

         Fire Ball                                         12” wide, 4 ft. tall, deep red                                               

         Plum Crazy                              10” wide, lavender plum

HOSTA LILY (Funkia) Medium


         So Sweet                                         Shiny deep green w/white margins, 14-16”, white flowers, Aug.

         Golden Standard                      Variegated yellow border, lavender flowers, shade to ½ sun

         Golden Tiara                            Variegated light green heart-shaped leaves w/gold border,        

                                                            white and purple streaked flowers, shade to ¾ sun

         Jester                                        Blue green leaves w/yellow edge, shade to ¾ sun


         August Moon                            Round golden leaves, white flowers w/hint of lavender,            

                                                            late July-Mid August, shade to ¾ sun

         Sundance                                  Variegated dark green leaves, creamy white in sun or

                                                            creamy yellow in dense shade, shade to ½ sun

         Silver Crown                            Shade to ¾ sun                                                                        

         (Fortunei Albo-Marg)

         Silver Var (undulata albo-      Variegated white edged green leaves, pale purple flowers

         marginata)                                shade to ½ sun

         Royal Standard                        Gloss green leaves, fragrant white flowers, shade to full sun     

         Princess Anastasia                  12”, Gold leaves, narrow dark blue margins, white flowers       

         Honey Bells                              Large light green leaves, late, fragrant, lilac-white flowers,      

                                                            make excellent cut flowers, shade to ¾ sun

         Shade Fanfare                          Med-large, light green to gold with a white margin, mid-

                                                            season, lavender flowers, shade to full sun

         Patriot                                       Green, white margin, lavender flowers, 22”, sun tolerance       

         Radiant Edger                           Green center, wide gold margin, lavender flowers, 12”

                                                            sun to shade

         Variegata                                  Wavy leaves, white center, green margin, lilac flowers, 15”    

                                                            Sun to shade

         Sleeping Beauty                      Painted, frosty, blue-green leaves with cream margin, 14-16”

HOSTA LILY (Funkia) Small


         Und Korena                              Dwarf, variegated white center, pale purple flowers,                

                                                            shade to ½ sun

         Sieboldii (formerly Minor)     Dwarf, variegated green leaves w/white border,                        

                                                            lavender flowers, shade to ½ sun


HYPERICUM                                     12” summer                                        

         St. John’s wort                         Variegated foliage, pink or red, yellow flowers                         



         Assorted                                         All colors                                                                           

         Variegated                                Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds                                     

IBERIA (Candytuft)

IBERIA (Candytuft)                          Space 12-15”, April-May, attracts butterflies

         Sempervirens                           12” white clusters                                                                    

         Snowflake & Alexander White  

         October Glory                          Reblooms in fall


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