Chameleon                               Space 8-10” apart, summer rainbow leaves, heart shaped, white    

                                                            Can use as a bog plant

LAVENDULA (English Lav.)

LAVENDULA (English Lav.)         Spacing 15-18”, June – Sept.                                                    

         Munstead Strain                      12-18” rich lavender                                                                         

         Hidcote Superior                     Attracts butterflies

         Dwarf Blue

LATHYRUS (Sweet Pea)

LATHYRUS (Sweet Pea)   4-8’ July-Aug., climber for fences, trellises, 36”, late summer 

LIATRIS (Kansas Greyfeather)

LIATRIS (Kansas Greyfeather)       Space 12-15”, July-Sept.                                                          X

         Kobold                                      24” rose-lavender, attracts butterflies                                      


LEUCANTHEMUM (Shasta Daisy)  

         Snow Cap                                  10 – 12” blooms summer, daisy like flowers, wayside garden   


         Brightside                                 Pure white blossoms, attracts butterflies                                                                                                                      

LOBELIA (Cardinal Flower)

LOBELIA (Cardinal Flower)                                                                                  

         Queen Victoria                        Mahogany-red stems and foliage, scarlet flowers, 36”              

                                                            late summer, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, nice

                                                            for bog gardens

LIMONIUM (Statice)

LIMONIUM (Statice)                    Space 30”, June-Aug.                                                                X

         Latifolia                               18-20”, blue-violet                                                            

MACLEAYA (Plume Poppy)

MACLEAYA (Plume Poppy)            6-8’, late summer, plume like cream flowers need ample room to grow

LYTHRUM (Purple Loosestrife)

LYTHRUM (Purple Loosestrife)      Space 18-24”, July-Sept.                                                          X

         Morden Gleam                        Can take a wet area, 36” tall                                                   

LUPINUS (Luminus,Bluebonnet)

LUPINUS (Luminus,Bluebonnet)   Russet Hybrids, assorted colors, June-July, 30-36”                     

         Garden Gnome                       24” full color mix

MONARDA (Bee Balm)

MONARDA (Bee Balm)          Aromatic mint-like foliage, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

         Blue Stocking                          Whorls of violet-blue flowers, 24-36”, June-July                     

         Croftway Pink                          24-36” midsummer, rose pink

         Gardenview Scarlet                 Red flowers, 24-36”                                                                

PAEONIA (Garden Peony)

PAEONIA (Garden Peony)                Fragrant                                                                                         

         Duchess DeNemours               Double white opens with yellow center, very fragrant, 36-40”

         Kansas                                       Large non-fading bright red, 32-36”, mid.

         Mons. Jules Elie                       Extra large rose pink, 30-34”, early

         Karl Rosenfield                        Double, red, 34”, early to mid-summer

         Early Scout                               Single, early, cutleaf foliage, dark red



         Siskiyou (Evening Primrose) 6-8” pink summer flowers                                                       

         Missouriensis                           10” yellow flowers, June-Aug.                                                 

MYOSOTIS (Forget-Me-Not)

MYOSOTIS (Forget-Me-Not)  6-8”, May-June, dwarf compact, bushy plant with blue flowers


PAPAVER (Poppy)                           Bicolor, white ruffled blooms, scarlet edging                                  

         Queen Alexander                    Bright salmon pink, 4-5” across, 30” tall

         Royal Wedding                        White, 4-6” across, 30” tall

PAEONIA (Tree Peony)

PAEONIA (Tree Peony)             Deer resistant, attracts butterflies                                             

         Kinshi                                       Yellow

         Yagumo                                     Purple

         Shimanishiki                           Two-toned

         Hoki                                          Red

         Sahohime                                 White

         Hanakisoi                                 Pink


PEROVSKIA ATRIPLICIFOLIA          Fragrant, deer resistant                                                             

         Russian Sage                            Lavender blue flowers, late summer through early fall, 3’        

                                                            Little Spire 24”                                                                       

PENSTEMON (Beardtongue)

PENSTEMON (Beardtongue)    Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, deer resistant

         Prairie Dusk                             Rose purple flowers, 20”, June-July                                         

         Strictus                                     Blue-violet flowers, 18”, summer

PHLOX (Garden Phlox)

PHLOX (Garden Phlox)                   Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies                                      

         The King                                   36”, July-Aug., deep purple                                                

         Crème de Menthe                    36”, July-Aug., pink flowers, green and white , vari. foliage     

         Becky Towne                            Variegated foliage, salmon-carmine rose w/dark magenta eye

PHLOX (Spreading)

PHLOX (Spreading)                        Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

         S. Red Wing                             L. crimson w/dark red centers, 4-6”, April-May                      

         Paniculata “Starfire”              L. red, July – Aug., 3”

         Blue Paradise                           Lavendar blue blossoms, white center, 3’ tall                                 


POLYGONATUM              Variegated Solomon’s Seal, 24”

POLEMONIUM (Jacob’s Ladder)

POLEMONIUM (Jacob’s Ladder)        

         Blue Pearl                                18-24”, May-June, Light blue flowers                                      

         Apricot Delight                        15-20”, apricot with tinge of lilac                                           


PHYSOSTEGIA-OBEDIENT PLANT – Nice cut flower, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies          

         V. Vivid                                     space 24”, orchid pink, Aug.-Sept., 24-30”                                

         Pink Bouquet                           36”, rose pink

         Summer Snow                          30”, white                                                                               

         V. Variegated                           30” pink

PYRETHRUM (Painted Daisy)

PYRETHRUM (Painted Daisy)     Lacy foliage, daisy-like flowers, blooms June-July, 18”             

         Robinsons Red and Mix     Pink, maroon, white                                                          

PULMONARIA (Lungword, Bethlehem Sage)

PULMONARIA (Lungword, Bethlehem Sage) Space 12”, partial to full shade                        

         British Sterling                       Shiny silvery white spots in middle, green border,                    

                                                            magenta flower buds, open blue, 12”

         Raspberry Splash                     Brilliant silvered leaves, raspberry pink flowers

         S. Mrs. Moon                            April-May, pink flowers turn blue, silvery spotted foliage, 12”

         Victorian Brooch                     Distinctive spotted foliage, magenta-coral flowers

         Trevi Fountain                          12” cobalt blue flowers, spotted foliage                                         

         Bertram Anderson                   Blue flowers, fuchsia buds, spotted leaves, 8-10”


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