Ornamental Trees


Weeping and upright, pink or white spring flowering, does not like a wet spot   

Canada Red Chokeberry  25’ x20’ Small tree, native, multi or single stem, leaves emerge green then change to maroon red late April or early May, 3-6” white flower racemes. 

Virginiana – Native, same as Canada Red except leaves remain green 25’ x 20’ 

Autumn Flowering Cherry  –  20’-30’ x 15’-25’ Semi-pink double flowers open a bit in the fall then fully open spring      

Kwanzan – Large, double pink flowers, reddish fall color, north or east with windbreak best 

Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry  –    6’-15’ x 12’ True dwarf, snow white, early spring flowers 

Higgan Weeping Cherry –    25’-30’ x 20’-25’ Graceful, weeping, native, double pink flowers


20’-30’ x 30’-40’

Native, white or pink flowering May to June, golden yellow fall color, excellent large ornamental or 

small shade tree


Purple Sandcherry – Cistena 7’ x 7’

Multi or single stem, maroon purple foliage summer, light pink spring flowers


Native, purplish-pink spring flowers, heart shaped leaves, great for woodsy locations or naturalizing

Lavender Twist – a pendulous form-artistic branching 8’-10’ x 8’ 

Forest Pansy – reddish-purple foliage, rose-purple flowers in May, needs a sunnier spot for best foliage color


Native, fast growing large ornamental tree, can be single stem but usually found in a clump or multi-stem form, exfoliating bark, adds winter interest. 

Heritage and Whitespike – white bark cultivars, resistant to bronze birch borer 

River – creamy cinnamon ivory bark, very vigorous

Royal Frost – purple leaf birch, white bark, yellow-orange fall color

Smoke Tree

8’-10’ x 8’-10’

Bloom looks like puffs of smoke, very interesting small tree or multi-stemmed shrub, beautiful red fall foliage 

Royal Purple/Velvet Cloak – purple-red leaves all summer

Grace – leaves are light red when young then mature to a blue green, smoke blooms are pink

Hawthorn “Winter King”

26’ x 20’

Silvery bark, persistant red berries last into winter, beautiful against the snow, selected from native species


15’-20’ x 15’-18’

Native, pink, white or red spring flowers, red fall color and fruits, prefers acid soil, pink and red 

varieties, need a north or east location with a wind break, lovely small ornamental 

Kousa Dogwood – Chinese dogwood blooms 2 weeks after American cultivars, exfoliating bark, 

cherry-like fruits that taste like pomegranites, pink and white varieties available 

Pagoda Dogwood – large native shrub or small tree, grows in horizontal layers, white flowers 

resemble Queen Anne’s Lace blooms, not typical dogwood, berries are black, very hardy, does not 

require acid soil

Horse Chestnut

30’-40’ x 20’-30’

Large, cone-shaped spring flowers, set on the branches like candles in May, red, pink, white and 

yellow cultivars available, white is seedless

Fringe Tree

15’-18’ x 15’-18’

Showy, fringe-shaped, fragrant flowers in spring, showy blue fruits on female plants

Flowering Crabs

4’-25’ x 6’-20’

Weeping and upright, dwarf and standard sizes available, flowers of red, pink, white in spring, fall 

berries of orange, red or yellow, very hardy versatile ornamental tree, many cultivars available, all 

disease tolerant

Dwarf – Sargent, Sargent Tina, Coral Burst

Standard – Indian Summer, Sugar Tyme, Royalty, Golden Raindrops 

Weeping – Red Jade, Candymint


18’-20’ x 15’

Native, white to pink spring flowers, red fall color, edible red fruits, ok in wet soils

Corlus Contorta

8’ x 8’

Small specimen tree with interesting branches that are contorted, twisting and curling, great winter 

interest, beech-like leaves, small yellow catkins droop and add interest

Pea Tree

6’ x 3’

Weeping and upright, yellow pea-like spring flowers, well adapted to drought and poor soil

Carolina Silverbell

18’-25’ x 15’-20’

Native, white bell-shaped flowers in May

Japanese Snowball

12’-18’ x 12’-18’

White, bell-shaped pendant flowers in June-July, nice, small ornamental

Japanese Tree Lilac-Ivory Silk

18’x20’ x 15’-18’

Creamy white, large flowers in June-July, blooms after all other lilac cultivars have finished, excellent, small ornamental tree, very showy

Japanese Maple Cultivars

5’-18’ x 5’-10’

Bloodgood-Lace Leaf – deep red or green leaves, weeping or upright, nice reddish fall color

Fruitless Weeping Mulberry

8’-15’ x 12’-15’

Chaparelle – vigorous growing small tree, cascading slender branches, umbrella-like

Katsura –upright or weeping

15’-40’ x 10’-40’

Small, heart-shaped leaves, yellow –scarlet fall color

Ornamental Pear

25’-30’ x 15’-18’

Cleveland Select/Improved Bradford - white spring flower, red fall color, pyramid shape


8’-25’ x 8’-25’

Cucumber Tree – native, spring greenish flowers, foliage thick and lustrous, shaggy bark, pink-red 

cucumber fruits in October 50’-80’ x 40’-60’ 

Ann/Betty – red-purple  flowers in May 8’-10’ x 6’-8’ 

Butterflies – yellow flowers 18’-20’ x 15’ 

Stellata/Royal Star – star magnolia, white flowers, early spring, multi-stemmed     15’ x 10’ 

Leonard Messel – pink and white, early, fragrant 20’-25’ x 25’ 

Soulangiana Alexandria/Galaxy – rose-purple saucer-shaped flowers 20’-25’ x 20’ 

Sweet Bay – native, fragrant, creamy white flowers, June-September, slender upright semi-

evergreen if protected

Golden Chain Tree

18’-20’ x 10’-15’

Long racemes of rich, yellow flowers, tree has an upright vase shape

Beech – Weeping or upright

30’-40’ x 12’-30’

Green, purple or tricolor, slow growing, specimen tree, silver-grey bark, sturdy branch structure

Golden Rain Tree

25’-30’ x 25’-30’

Bright yellow flowers in July, very showy


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