Miscellaneous Items



         Erianthus Ravennae (Plume Grass)                                                      #1 Gal.                        

             Hardy Pampas Grass, 9-12’ Aug.-Sept. White silvery plumes              #2 Gal.                        


         Festuca ovina glauca Sea Urchin (Sheeps Fescue, Blue Fescue)          #1 Gal.                        

             Dwarf silver/blue low tufted grass 10” tall                                            #2 Gal.                        

             Elijah Blue                                                                                       #3 Gal.                        


         Miscanthus S. Purpurascens (Maiden Grass)                                      #1 Gal.                        

             (Flame Grass) turns reddish in summer.  3’                                          #2 Gal.                        

                                                                                                                        #3 Gal.                        

                                                                                                                        #4 Gal.                        


WILD FLOWERS:   Available bare root seasonally for naturalizing.                                

         Dogtooth Violet, White & Purple Trillium, Wild Iris, Pink Lady Slipper, Hepatica, Blood Root,

         Partridge Berry Clumps, Fox Glove, Foam Flower, Rattlesnake Orchid, Great Merry Bells,

         Green Dragon, Wild Ginger, Shooting Star, Dutchmen’s Britches, Purple & Green Jack in the Pulpit,

         Solomon’s Seal .  Ask for special quote per 100 only.

Miscanthus Zebrinus

 Miscanthus Zebrinus         #3 Zebra Grass, 6-8’, yellow/gold stripes

Pennisetum Hameln 24”

         Pennisetum Hameln  24”

             #3  (Fountain Grass) Narrow gracefully arching leaves.                             

             #4   Rose/Copper bristly fruit heads – August

Miscantuus Sinensis Variegatus

         Miscantuus Sinensis Variegatus  5-7                               

                 #1 (Striped Misc. Grass) Upright – green and white vertical striped foliage with yellow plumes – late summer

Miscanthus Sinensis ‘Gracilimis’

Miscanthus Sinensis ‘Gracilimis’                                                                             

             (Maiden Grass)  3 – 5’                                                                                                      

Helictotrichon – Sapphire (Blue Oat Grass)

Helictotrichon – Sapphire (Blue Oat Grass)

              Bright steel blue leaves, small tan seed heads, 18-24”                                                   

Crape Myrtle- Mimosa

Crape Myrtle- Mimosa   

          Pink flowers, ferny foliage

              Natchez, Centennial Red & Tuskegee 2-3’ potted                 

              (Semi-hardy – treat like an annual, blooms all summer)

Cytisus Praecox (Moonlight Broom)

Cytisus Praecox (Moonlight Broom)                             

             Yellow flowers

Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern                                                                                              

             Blue and green silvery foliage w/ red stems

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